Why work with a licensed Investment Advisor?

"Investment Advisor" is a title that is generically used in the financial industry.  However, many states require representatives to pass a separate test to formally conduct business as an "Investment Advisor".  Darren Morgan has passed the Series 65 Exam, a rigorous securities law exam, which in Ohio qualifies him as an Investment Advisor Representative.*

Further, an investment advisor has access to investment products and services that many in the financial industry cannot offer.

"After I passed the Series 65, a whole new world opened up to me and my clients.  Now we can do things together that I never thought possible," Darren commented.  "Once clients experience  the different strategies that an Investment Advisor can offer, they rarely will go back and do things the old way.  This became apparent to me several years ago, and I knew that I had to get my Investment Advisor license in order to stand out from the competition."











*Every state has different laws concerning Investment Advisors and their licensing.


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