Humble Beginnings ...

... started in this commercially-zoned home in Bedford, Ohio.  Darren rented the first floor for $600/month, living in the back half and with a three room office in the front.  Darren met clients and held financial seminars in this location for more than three years prior to leasing his current office space in North Olmsted, Ohio.

"I remember I had two large French doors in the middle of the apartment, so I could close them and have meetings with clients and prospects in the front 'office' area.  Behind those French doors were my kitchen and my bedroom that I don't think anyone knew was there.  We had parking for about six cars.  I had posters and other business-type decorations on the wall, a desk, filing cabinets, and a meeting table.  I also had a meeting room that could only hold 12 people, but it had a white board and TV stereo system in it.  It is really fun to think back on those days."



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